The 2-day event of the POWER project has been completed.

At the first day there was the public event, which consited of two Rountable Sessions, the Ideas and Solutions Pitching Session, the Gaming Sessions Award Ceremony and the Exhibition and Matchmaking Session.

Power project has been successfully participated to the international conference “PRES’19” having a keynote lecture by Dr. Spyros Voutetakis entitled “The evolution of ports into innovation hubs: A proposal for the Adriatic – Ionian Area” and a poster presentation by Mr. Akrivos Kakabegas entitled “Towards a Foresight Methodology for Adriatic-Ionian Port Areas Focusing on the Energy Sector”.

Transnational Meeting in Igoumenitsa held on 3-4 April 2019 carried out with great success, considering that the aim was the selection of solutions on the energy needs of the ports, and, as a result, there was even 23 solutions that companies from the 6 countries presented.

Progetto Power

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Photos of the ports

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